Personal Stories

Apenusi Asisigo

I used to travel to urban areas to street hawk and leave my children but now, I go to work at ASIGE basket centre from Monday to Friday, I have time for my children and earn income. This has liberated me from hunger and migration to cities in search for employment.


My name is Sophia, I have 4 children and now have a reliable source of income through ASIGE baskets. Thank you for buying from us.

Gifty Atampoka

  1. An example of how the vocational skills changes lives is a story of the 27year old Gifty Atampoka from Bongo district in the Upper East Region. She lost her father at an early age and was given out to a family to serve as a house girl when she was 13 years in Accra and that was where she dropped out of school. Gifty later moved from working as a house Girl to selling oranges at Mallam Junction highway and sleeping at Kaneshie (Street). Years later she moved to Bolga to learn a trade as she was not making headway in life. Her family forced her to marry a man at 17 years because of pregnancy and the husband maltreated her until she left the marriage and that’s when ASIGE came in to provide Gifty with skills in textile weaving. Today, she has a business with 3 employees and makes about USD 300 from her a trade monthly and hopes to grow her business internationally.

Sandra Adongo

My name is Sandra Adongo, the group leader of ASIGE women at Bongo, ASIGE provided me and my colleagues with skills, training and the opportunity to become financially independent to cater for our families and our communities.

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