Basketry Development

Basketry Development Programme

The pillar for  the development of every economy rely on woman and young people empowerment that centres on skills development, income generation and employment creation. This leads to a multitude holistic change in the development of communities. Society. That is why ASIGE launched the basketry in 2017 to take women and young people out of the streets and provide them with income opportunities. We aspire to a new model of ethical business that sees all of us as partners in an unfolding global transformation.


Our baskets are hand woven in Ghana by women artisans in Sumbrungu, Feo, Bongo, Vea, Azimsum in Bolgatanga Ghana. ASIGE has a variety of products often tailored to the unique specifications of its customers and makes other hand-woven customized products upon request. These baskets are the beautiful form of artistic creation and are usable in a wide range of activities. The come in various styles, colours, and sizes. Our products range from shopping baskets, laundry baskets, pets’ homes, round baskets, home decor, lampshade, and others. ASIGE products are uniquely positioned in the competitive handicraft market because every product is promoted with a story behind it. Our weavers are paid well for their artful work and received insurance and health screening cover.  ASIGE partner with both local and international organisations for this change.

Volunteers just have the heart; they don’t always have the time. We are committed to investing in the next generation of young people and women and girls to create a brighter future.