Reusable sanitary pads

Reusable sanitary pads programme

Great is the future of women and girls if only our girls stay in school to learn. After our research on women’s knowledge in sexual reproductive health education and pregnancies, we realized that some girls stay away from school because of a lack of access to Sanitary pads while others travel to urban cities to do street hawking and end up to going back to school while others become teenage mothers. The future of our women should not be jeopardised because of a basic lack of access to sanitary pads. It’s been our vision to provide for girls, so they do not miss out on their education. 

In 2018, ASIGE went through comprehensive training and certification from Days for Girls Ghana and New York Unadilla and equipment support from Americans Serving Abroad Project to establish and reusable sanitary pad center.  ASIGE is gold certified to provide reusable sanitary pad locally and internationally. In a matter of 5 years, 5,000 reusable sanitary pads have been produced and distributed for rural girls in Ghana and 10,000 boys and girls are covered on menstrual education.


Volunteers just have the heart; they don’t always have the time. We are committed to investing in the next generation of young people and women and girls to create a brighter future.