ASIGE seeks to break the cycle of poverty through sustainable livelihood empowerment initiatives for all aged women and young people in Ghana.

Our Growth

Since poverty reduction is our number one priority, ASIGE is developing the youth of Upper East through sustainable skills

We are delivering many successful projects by way of Vocational Skills training program where we have enrolled and fully funded the training of teenage mothers, drop pouts and young people in vocations such as welding, tailoring, Hair dressing, Textile Weaving and others.

Secondly ASIGE women baskets center is a sustainable income generation activity that gathers women, train them and they work together to create synergy in developing environmentally friendly products for the world. Over 400 women are part of this project with the Head office being at Sumbrungu where our research took place.  These baskets are now a global product servicing customer in The United States, United Kingdom, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, France, Spain, Austria, Australia, and Japan, Turkey, Mexico and Ghana. Majority of the weavers were once street hawkers and the power of ASIGE’s innovative project has taken them off the street and given them incomes well above 1.5USD a day.

Thirdly, we are running various projects that are focused sexual reproductive health education and services to adolescence boys and girls in Northern Ghana. ASIGE has established a reusable Sanitary Pad Center in partnership with Days for Girls Ghana and Days for Girls International. We provide comprehensive services in terms education, mentorship and reusable sanitary pads to girls in Upper East Region and beyond


As a Social Enterprise we understand and feel the pain that women and young girls go through in providing for themselves and the family. At ASIGE we value the open collaboration between board members, volunteers (local and International), and students, as well as individuals and organizations from the communities that we work in. In addition, we would not be able to run our projects without the cooperation of other key supportive partners in development practice especially in the UK and USA. They actually make it happen!

Women Economic Empowerment

The pillar of every economic dominated my women is women economic empowerment that centers on skills development, income generation, employment creation. It led to a multitude of holistic changes in the development of society. ASIGE baskets project got launched in 2017 to basically take women out of the streets and provide income opportunities. We aspire to a new model of ethical business that sees all of us as partners in an unfolding global transformation.

Our baskets are hand woven in Ghana by women artisans in Sumbrungu in Bolgatanga Ghana. These baskets are the beautiful form of artistic creation and are usable in a wide range of activities. The come in various. Styles, colors and sizes. Choose from a selection of shopping, baskets laundry baskets, cat homes, round baskets, home decor, lampshade and our twenty varieties. Our weavers are paid well for their artful work and received insurance cover.